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Surrender and Wonder

The idea of surrender is often thought of as a negative thing, especially in a culture where achievement and winning is so very important.

There’s another way to look at surrender however. Instead of giving up, I believe that surrender is giving in, giving in to life’s flow. And instead of weakness, it conveys a person’s strength: it takes courage to allow things to unfold.

Of course action is necessary, there are things that we need to get done, and things we want to achieve. The quality of what we do, however, is intensified when we stay present for what is in front of us. Finding the balance between action and allowing requires a broad perspective, and a flexible and curious mind. All of these things keep us deeply invested in the action, open to it’s outcome, and satisfied with what is.

Meditation helps us practice surrender, and exercise our mental flexibility. That can happen right here in a micro-meditation, as we pause, pay attention to our breath, allow the moment. We can let go of a desire to change what is happening, and a dissatisfaction with what is. This is deeply empowering, and offers the opportunity to remember that our lives are happening in the present, not later. The future will arrive as yet another moment. The past is a story already told. Be here for your now, this is where your action will have the deepest impact...and your willingness to allow life it’s course, will keep wonder and delight as the centerpiece of a beautifully unfolding journey.

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