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Life is so funny...the uncertainty that shadowed me through the beginning chapters of my life, was the very thing that kept me searching for the path that I wanted, and found. Teaching yoga has been the most gratifying experience of my time on this planet.

I have been blessed to cross paths with so many incredibly wise and talented teachers. From my first teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram in CA, my second training at Yoga Yoga studios in TX, to my ongoing studies at Desert Yoga Therapy in this area's low desert, I have been given an wonderfully varied and comprehensive education.

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Long ago, a wise friend said to me that the best way to learn to be a teacher was to teach. I've found this to be true over and over again, as I learn something new from every class I teach...hard to believe it's been 15 years.

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Yoga and meditation is where we create space in our lives for ourselves...and we deserve and need this space.  The challenge is to make it fit into your life. That's where I can help...

Customizing a practice that fits your goals and lifestyle will make your yoga and/or meditation practice easy to fall in love with.

With your lifestyle and personal goals in mind, we will work together to create a body that feels fabulous to be in, a mind that is open to all that life presents, and an awareness of the brilliant soul that came here to be you.

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