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Follow Through Part 2

As I write the last blog of my 30 day challenge, I’m aware of the feeling of deep satisfaction I have. I overcame my tendency of not-following-through, and instead chose to consider these 30 days as a practice: A writing practice. A consistency practice. A sharing of myself with the world (okay, with my people, but what a great start!) practice.

I needed this, and now feel excited about the momentum that’s been created. Thank you to everyone that’s read and supported and given feedback. This is the end of my first 30 days, tomorrow is a day to plan, then Friday starts my next challenge. I’ll send a quick blog note tomorrow with information!

(Important side note: There is so much happening in this country today. My head is spinning from all that I have read and heard.

Today I’m sending out

a sincere hope for change,

a vision of unity,

and love to hurting and frustrated hearts.)

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1 comentário

30 de mar. de 2020

Patricia I just wanted to tell you this website is lovely. Simply

beautiful . Happy to join your heart led yoga. Peace , Anita

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