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The Prize

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In her gorgeous book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert tells a story of a friend that had given up ice skating during adolescence, because she didn’t feel she had what it took to be a champion. When she reached her 40’s she found herself feeling less than joyful. This led her to ask herself when she had last been truly happy...

She remembered the joy of being on the ice, and decided to take up skating in the early mornings before work. She fell back in love, found that skating gave her a feeling of renewed creativity, and realized the folly of doing something to achieve a prize. She found the prize was her own joy.

It seems to me that we humans have decided somehow that the goal of a creative endeavor is to be the best, to be recognized, or awarded. This is a shame, as any creative endeavor is Us sharing Ourselves with the world. And this world desperately needs more of the authenticity and inspiration that creative expression provides.

Any time we do what we love, whether it’s cooking, painting, gardening or speaking from the heart, we are sharing ourselves. What is it that you’ve been waiting to share?

We need more of You in this world. The prize of your own joy is waiting for you.

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