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Old Stuff

I don’t want to hold onto old‘s heavy, distracting, and painful. My mind however, has an entirely different opinion. It wants to solve the puzzle of these past experiences, rehearse the brilliance I was unable to muster in the moment, and make a plan to avoid such an event in the future.

However, I’m beginning to understand what a huge amount of energy is spent in these efforts...and the entire time my focus is there, Life is happening here.

The chill of January has given way to a brilliantly warm Saturday. The birds are singing a song especially crafted for a day as lovely as this. My body feels energized by this preview of Spring, and wants to get out there and move.

So I must pause long enough to ask myself: Where shall I place my attention? What is important? And is The Old Stuff worthy of the precious time that my life is happening? Today it makes much more sense to drop it all, and go outside where the breeze is sweet, my heart feels free, and anything could happen to spark joy. And here is where I can offer my mind much better material to work with.

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