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It’s not when you start...

I’ve been troubled lately by the realization that time is passing, and I’ve not yet started on the the hard work part of making my dreams happen.

I will admit that I have chosen to live in NeverNeverland type towns...Missoula, Montana. Austin, Texas. Joshua Tree, California. These lovely places have a mythic kind of youthfulness...a feeling exists that there is time enough to do exciting and fabulous things, and you’ll get everything else done, tomorrow.

And yet, time keeps ticking, and I have some things I want to see realized, and I’ve been doing a lot of playing...cue my panic.

I shared all of this at lunch with one of my best friends today. She told me that her favorite poet was awarded the title of poet laureate, and only started writing at the age of 40. She said to me, it’s not when you start, but that you do. Yes...yes. I can work with that.

Well then, there’s time to make our dreams happen...and now is the perfect time to start, and not one reason to wait. The world needs what we have to give, so dear friends, let’s give it.

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